The Interview

Here are some helpful hints for your interview…

HYGIENE: Dress to Impress!

First impression is everything. Your potential employer does not know you; you will be judged within the first minute of your interview and most of that impression is based on looks – sure, it's not fair but it's fact.

Dress Professionally…that means no tank-tops, cover those shoulders; close-toed shoes and clean clothes of course. Look sharp but not overdressed for the position, you dont want to be dressed in a suit if you are applying for a construction job. Dress a step up from the job you are applying for.

Look Clean - Make sure your hair is clean and combed…this may be common sense to some but for those who don't know, now you do.

Smell Good - and this includes your breath. You can come in with all the goods and still manage to make a bad impression if you don't smell fresh. This does not mean to pile on the perfume, which could be worse than not showering.


Smile! You want this job, so show a little excitement and confidence. You may be feeling a little down but "fake it until you make it" act like you deserve this job – know it.

Strong Handshake - Don't squeeze the life out of their hand; however, you do want to show some confidence by giving a strong handshake.

Don't Give Up, FOLLOW-UP!

Employers are busy, so it's ok to check with them to see the status of the position you applied for. After applying or interviewing, call or email them in a week. If you don't get a response, don't lose heart; just call again. Of course, you don't want to be an annoyance, but if you follow up appropriately you will be showing them you are both serious about wanting this position and dependable as a future employee.