National Budget Planners' 211 Listings

2-1-1 is a telephone number that connects people with valuable community services and volunteer opportunities. Implemented by United Way in 1997, 2-1-1 provides callers with access to employment support services, food banks, shelters, and support for Older Americans and people with disabilities, to name a few services. In keeping with United Way’s mission to better people’s lives, 2-1-1 is a one-stop information database of vital information. Nation Budget Planners is pleased to be listed with 2-1-1 because it is now easier than ever to get information about NBP’s Debt Management Program, Budgeting and Credit Seminars, and Senior Financial Safety Seminars.

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Debt Management Program

"A client is provided with an individual evaluation of his/her current financial situation including: debt analysis, budgeting plan, and other..."

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Presentation on Budgeting and Understanding Credit

"A presentation intended to educate individuals on how to budget wisely, manage credit, and..."

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Senior Financial Safety Seminar

"A seminar about money management for seniors, consumer fraud targeted at seniors..."

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