What's your fortune?

Where did my money go?

Get clear instruction on how to avoid asking this very question.

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Are you unemployed?

Yes, there is hope! Don't get stuck in a rut, read this!

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The interview

Make an impression that can win you a new job. Find out how...

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Resolution - Lose DEBT!

Make this year's resolution reality by following these simple steps.

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Do you have big dreams that could cost big money? Learn how to cut costs to obtain your goal.

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Summer Fun that won't
Break the Bank

Low on cash? You don't have to stay indoors this summer, we have some fun ideas for you!

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More Gifts = Better Christmas?

Have you spent yourself to debt this Christmas? Learn how to recover and plan for next year.

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NBP Congratulates Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center

The Attorney General Kamala Harris granted...

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Further your education...financially

National Budget Planners also provides an intense online education course called "Money in Motion." This course is absolutely free to all of our clients. Learning is made fun while you follow each chapter, answer review questions and finish with the final test. Click here to begin your course to financial success.

NBP Financial Education

Courses to Further your
Financial Education