Do you have BIG DREAMS that could cost BIG $$$?

Learn how to cut costs to obtain your goal.

Whether you want to save for a cushion, your children's education, or retirement, or maybe you want to take a special trip or be able to make payments on a new home you want to purchase. Whatever the need or want may be, it comes down to having the monetary means to do so. The obvious solution would be to get a raise or another job but the real solution is learning to manage what we've got.

Consolidate Insurance

You may be utilizing a variety of insurance companies for your home, auto, health, business and life insurance. Most companies will provide discounts for multiple insurances. Research the companies you currently work with and outside companies to get the best rate.


The competition is fierce which means you are at the advantage for a good deal. Call competitors to determine their latest deals. If you find a better deal you may not have to switch in order to save. If you prefer to keep your current provider, simply contact their cancelation department and state the deal you found elsewhere to see if they are willing to compete. You'd be surprised what your provider may do for you in efforts to sustain your business. If you don't already have a "bundle" plan you may want to consider it. Bundling could eliminate another bill from another company and essentially save you on your monthly bills. And if you're really serious, you may also want to reevaluate how many channels you really need and downgrade.

No Cable

That's right, I said get rid of your cable. Before you completely discount the idea, wouldn't it be nice to have $100 in your pocket right now? It's not like you'd be living under a rock, you can utilize your internet to watch your shows for free on hulu ( and stream Netflix movies for $7.99 a month. No cable but saving $100…it might be worth a shot.


There are a few ways you can save on your phone. You may have the option to bundle it with your cable, that is of course, if it is the best deal. You may also want to consider another provider as the plans do change so your plan may have been the cheapest plan at some point but another provider may be able to offer you a plan that suits your needs for less. In addition, make sure you are utilizing the minutes you are paying for, if not, you may want to change your plan. Another way you can save on your monthly phone costs is eliminating your landline. The cell phone prices have become rather competitive – it is quite possible to save you some money by using your cell phone for landline calls.

Eat at Home

Cooking may not be your passion but if I told you, you could save money and lose weight, would you at minimal entertain the thought? We are all aware of the health aspects of a cheeseburger, fries and let's not forget your soda – a whopping 1100 calories and approximately $6 or more…depending on where you're getting it. Make a turkey sandwich for less than $3 at 290 calories ($90 a month vs the cheeseburger meal for $180). Just think of the savings and the health benefits. This is just lunch we're talking about; imagine eating meals prepared from home for breakfast, making your own coffee (Starbucks a day could amount to approximately $130 monthly) and eating dinner at home…you do the math.

There are plenty of things that appear to be small but can amount to big savings by the end of the month with some efforts. You can do it, just keep your goal in mind and don't lose sight of it.