Listing with Eden I&R, 211 Alameda County

Livermore, CA March 3, 2013

In observation of National Consumer Protection Week, National Budget Planners celebrates their new listing with the widely used resource, Eden I&R, 211 Alameda County. Eden I&R strives to connect consumers in the local Alameda County with health, housing, and human services resources. This directory is influential to serving and better understanding the needs of the Alameda community. NBP is pleased to provide information about their Debt Management Program, Budgeting and Understanding Credit Seminars, and Senior Financial Safety Seminar.

National Budget Planners of South Florida, Inc. is a Non-Profit credit counseling service. Over the years, we have helped thousands of families with our Credit Counseling/Debt Consolidation Services. We specialize in creating affordable repayment plans for clients who have over extended themselves with consumer debt. Through our agency, we negotiate a plan that reduces clients monthly payments on credit cards, installment loans, collection accounts, doctor bills, and any other un-secured debt that the client might have incurred.

To find out more information about NBP and our programs in the Alameda community, please visit:

National Budget Planners of South Florida, Inc
4101 Dublin Blvd., Ste. F142 Dublin, CA 94568
(800) 582-8839